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Principal's Tour

Northern Adelaide Senior College is excited to offer Principal’s Tours of the campus. Guests will have a unique opportunity to meet with and hear from students and our Principal, Ms Anne Sim, as well as receive a guided tour of the campus.

  • Thursday, 7th December 2023
  • 11:00 am
  • 2 Woodford Road, Elizabeth

If there isn’t a principal’s tour scheduled, we’re happy to meet with you one-on-one to give you a tour.

Who we Are

Northern Adelaide Senior College (formerly PWAC) is a proud and innovative College offering supportive year 11 -13 adult re-entry education. The College offers a diverse and rich curriculum that provides our students a seamless progression towards further study or into a career.

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    "NASC is the best decision you will make because it is an adult college and you are surrounded by people who understand you, your disability or whatever problem you may have.  NASC is strong on its no-bullying policy, so it is a safe and supportive environment to complete your studies."

    _Rebecca B.,

    "Since coming to NASC I’ve found that I am more focused and more onboard with my education because everything has been put on me yet there’s no pressure. My experiences at other schools felt like you were forced to do a lot of things and you had to do it, but here I genuinely want to do my work to benefit me. NASC provides a lot of resources that I can explore and the people at NASC are always willing to help."

    _Muriel B.,

    "It’s a very peaceful environment at NASC with lots of help, especially with the EALD class. We have focused support from the teachers and I think this school is better because all the options that we're offered here are better than other schools. We’re lucky because you don’t get that support anywhere else."  

    _Hassan Y.,

    "If you're thinking about coming to NASC I would say just do it. It’s a great experience, the place is lovely, the staff are amazing and everyone is really friendly. Teachers give the best help ever and because the class sizes are so small, I get one-on-one assistance quite a lot which is incredible. You will never feel discouraged here."

    _Kate C.,