Policies, feedback and complaints

We pride ourselves on our inclusive, adult-friendly environment. We encourage all students, parents and staff to review the Northern Adelaide Senior College policies and procedures.

Code of Conduct and Student Behaviour Management

Our Code of Conduct and Student Behaviour Management policy outline our expectations of all students and staff. It includes a Behaviour Management Incident form, processes for all staff to follow when dealing with an incident, and Agreement for Returning to School forms.

Code of conduct (335 KB)

Agreement for Returning to School (348 KB)

Student Behaviour Management Policy (416 KB)

Behaviour Management Incident form (90 KB)


Our Attendance Policy is derived from research indicating that success in learning is directly proportional to regular attendance and participation in education programs.

While there is no legal requirement for post compulsory school-aged learners to enrol in a school, there is an expectation that once enrolled learners will attend school on a regular basis to successfully participate and complete their education program.

NASC students can access a significant amount of course information and content online but it is through face-to-face contact with teachers, support workers and other students that learning really starts to make sense.

Attendance Policy (347 KB)


Our Harassment Procedure outlines our position on bullying, racial and sexual harassment, as well as our policies for dealing with this behaviour should it occur.

Harassment Procedures (314 KB)

Harassment brochure (587 KB)

Raising a Complaint

We’re committed to improving our courses and campus lifestyle so if you feel like your expectations are not being met, don’t hesitate to contact us on 7285 1600

Raising a Complaint with DECD (344 KB)


Students dealing with any personal issues can review and follow our Grievance procedure or contact a student counsellor on 7285 1600.

Grievance Procedures (391 KB)