Northern Adelaide Senior College provides a flexible, lively place to study offering a wide range of SACE and VET courses to choose from.

NASC is part of the Northern Adelaide State Secondary Schools Alliance (NASSSA) which links eleven DECD secondary schools in the Northern Adelaide Region.

We endeavor to provide the best tailored study plan of Stage 1 and 2 subjects and VET courses suitable to your interests, chosen career pathway or future study goals.

At NASC our mission is to encourage individual achievement; engage our students in a safe, connected community; provide opportunities for growth and innovation, and to celebrate and respect diversity and difference.

To understand our current work and the future direction for Northern Adelaide Senior College, please refer to the documents provided below:

School Context Statement

Our School Context Statement outlines how NASC is a unique Department for Education school and highlights our work within the northern Adelaide community.

School Context Statement 2017

Site Improvement Plan

The Site Improvement Plan outlines our school objectives and describes how we will achieve them by 2021.

NASC Site Improvement Plan 2018

External School Review Report

The External School Review outlines aspects of the school’s performance on improving student achievement, growth, challenge, engagement and equity.

NASC External School Review 2018

Annual Report

Our Annual Report captures and reflects our activities and achievements from the previous year and future direction.

Annual Report 2019