About Us - Northern Adelaide Senior College

Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) offers students a chance to complete their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) through a variety of Stage 1 and 2 subjects and nationally accredited Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses.

Established in 1989 as Para West Adult Campus (PWAC) and renamed to Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC) in 2015, the school offers adults living north of Adelaide quality curriculum options and extra support to complete their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

For 30 years we have assisted thousands of adults to return to study and achieve their South Australian Certificate of Education alongside VET accredited qualifications.

Located in The Hub (former administration building within Elizabeth TAFE), Northern Adelaide Senior College provides a flexible learning environment offering students a choice to study full- or part-time.

We’re committed to helping students plan for their future careers and many have made substantial contributions to the community through work, volunteering and pursuing University and TAFE studies.

You can book a tour today or make an appointment with one of our counsellors to discuss your future study plan by calling (08) 7285 1600 or enquiring at Student Services located in The Hub.