Academy of Gaming, Film & Animation – 3D Animation Foundations

Academy of Gaming, Film & Animation – 3D Animation Foundations

4 October 2016

This course  will teach the use of 3D modelling and animations software, camera and sound work for Live stream Vodcasts, Game Capture software for let’s plays and tutorials. Develop skills and knowledge about Film, Game and Animation industries

Course components:

  • Introduction to the many career opportunities available for 3D artists, animators and designers
  • Understanding of the creative potential of software used in the games, film and visual effects industry
  • Work as part of a team to produce weekly live audio shows and monthly Audio and Visual shows to online media content providers
  • Plan, develop, record and publish your own live stream or post produced on gaming, film, animation or other negotiated topics

Style of Learning:

  • Academy style multi-disciplinary cross curriculum style learning
  • Competencies are re-arranged into projects that allow for skills to be developed across multiple learning areas concurrently
  • Individual and group work with hands on supported learning environments
  • Extensive use of industry standard ICT hardware and software