10 September 2015

You will study the matter that makes up materials, and the properties, uses, means of production, and reactions of these materials. You will undertake a critical study of the social and environmental impact of materials and chemical processes. You will consider how human beings make use of the earth’s resources and the impact of human activities on the environment.

You will develop investigation skills, and an understanding of the physical world that will enable you to be a questioning, reflective and critical thinker.

Course components include:

  • Formulating questions, manipulating apparatus, and recording observations in practical chemical activities, and designing and undertaking chemistry investigations
  • Demonstrating an understanding of how knowledge of chemistry can be used to make informed conclusions or decisions, taking into account social and environmental contexts
  • Developing possible solutions to a variety of problems in chemistry, in new or familiar contexts
  • Completing a 3-hour assessment exam

Style of learning:

  • Involves group work and individual learning
  • Informal class discussions
  • Tutorial assistance available