At Northern Adelaide Senior College, our English subjects provide students with the opportunity to read, analyse and discuss a variety of texts (prose, poetry, biographies, lyrics) and visual materials (web pages, posters, games, movies).

These subjects show students how to create, edit and improve their work, as well as write and speak in different styles for a number of purposes and audiences.

Two satisfactorily completed units of any English subject at Stage 1 or 2 will satisfy the compulsory SACE literacy component.

Subjects include:

  • Community Studies: Culture through Art (EAL focus)
  • English – Stage 1
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) – Stage 1
  • English Foundation Genres & Foundation Skills – Pre-SACE
  • Essential English – Stage 1
  • Essential English – Stage 2
  • Essential English (ATSI focus) – Stage 1
  • Essential English (Basic Literacy Skills) – Stage 1
  • Essential English (Creative Writing) – Stage 1
  • Essential English (EAL focus) – Stage 2
  • Essential English (Learning Support) – Stage 1
  • Essential English (Pop Culture) – Stage 1
  • Essential English (Workplace English) – Stage 1

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