Facilities & Support - Northern Adelaide Senior College

Northern Adelaide Senior College’s modern facilities and extensive support services allow adult students to learn in a welcoming environment relevant to their individual circumstance and study interests.

Our Facilities

Northern Adelaide Senior College was fully refurbished in 2015 and continues to upgrade facilities and support for students as technology and study requirements change.

Facilities available to students include:

  • Leading-edge IT facilities, including an iMac suite and laptop trolleys;
  • New Science Laboratory;
  • Modern Library with access to laptops and IPads;
  • Friendly Library staff to assist with researching and finding books and using IT;
  • Open, comfortable breakout spaces throughout the school for individual or group study sessions, lunchtime or simply relaxing between classes;
  • Rooftop terrace for lunchtime and special events;
  • A shared canteen located at the TAFE cafeteria;
  • Free parking;
  • Crèche facilities;
  • Student resources;

We provide each student with an email account and login access to our internal curriculum and student information portal called DayMap, that offers useful resources, such as timetables and lesson information. DayMap also gives students a direct connection to their teachers and course content.

You can access your email or DayMap via the Internet with your username and password, making it easier to study from home or away from the school.

You can access your school email or Daymap accounts in the navigation bar above.

Please note, you’ll need to add nasc/ before your username (e.g. nasc/p123456), when logging in.