How to enrol

Our caring teachers and support staff will help you achieve your academic and personal goals.

We will help you every step of the way from enrolment right through to graduation day. Our enrolment counsellors assist each and every student attending Northern Adelaide Senior College (NASC), by working with them to create a study plan that suits their individual circumstances, interests, goals and personal needs.

Who is eligible to study at NASC?

To be eligible to enrol, you must be over the age of 17 and have not completed the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) or its equivalent.

Most of our students have been out of school for at least six months before they enrol with us.

If you’re over the age of 21, there will be some restrictions on how long you have to complete the SACE and the subjects you’re able to study.

Make an appointment with our enrolment counsellors to discuss further by calling 7285 1600.

Enrolment checklist

Enrolling at NASC is very simple. Our enrolment counsellors will walk you through the necessary steps.

This checklist includes everything you need to know in preparation for your enrolment meeting.

  1. Make an appointment with an enrolment counsellor by calling 7285 1600 or filling out the enquiry form.
  2. Bring 100 points of proof of identification to prove your date of birth and address; such as a birth certificate (70 points), driver’s licence (40 points), proof of age card (25 points), Centrelink card (40 points). Note: if you are over 18 and have not been enrolled in a school for 6 months or more you will be required to consent to a DCSI Child Related Employment Screening. This application will be completed at your enrolment interview – please do not get any other clearances as they cannot be accepted.
  3. Other items to bring to your enrolment meeting include:
    • Medicare card
    • Centrelink Health Care card (you may be eligible for a School Card which will assist with fees)
    • Passport, Visa or other travel documents (for overseas students only)
    • Reports from any previous studies
    • Certificates with accompanying competencies for any Vocational Training (these may give you accreditation towards your SACE)
    • A copy of your current criminal history clearance (if you have one)
    • A list of your emergency contacts
  1. Print and bring the completed enrolment form or fill it out and email to Student Services.
  2. Check out the subjects we offer and start thinking about what interests you

Get involved in the Student Organising Committee

We value your feedback and strongly encourage all of our students, including those new to the school, to join the Student Organising Committee. We are keen to make your time at NASC the very best it can be.

The Student Organising Committee represents the student body and plays an important part in our decision making process. The committee acts as an advocate for student needs and concerns, and welcomes suggestions to improve student life at NASC.

The committee’s purpose is to assist all students and make life at school as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Meeting are frequently held in the boardroom at lunchtime. Contact Adrienne Gorringe to get involved.