Sports Studies (Integrated Learning)

Sports Studies (Integrated Learning)

23 July 2017

This course focuses on practical activities, coaching and design and implementing individual programs and training

Course components include:

  • Practical Inquiry – participate in 2 practical activities focusing on the application and development of skills and knowledge
  • Connections – participate in an online coaching course and collaborate in small groups to deliver a coaching/training session to the Year 11 PE class
  • Personal Endeavour – work with an industry professional to design and implement an individual program e.g. weights or nutrition and research and analyse benefits and drawbacks of selected training area

Style of learning:

  • Participate in a collaborative style of learning that will focus on teamwork and collaboration
  • Participate in activities that encourage planning, organisation and develop empathy for self and others
  • Participate in active learning to build community connections, develop conflict resolution and to promote the discovery of new ideas