All the staff at Northern Adelaide Senior College would like to congratulate our exceptional 2020 students on their SACE Stage II subject results.

Congratulations to the 109 students who completed their SACE in 2020. Broadly, the accomplishments of our students was extraordinary with:

  • 75 A grade band result;
  • 29 students achieved an ATAR over 90 with 17 achieving an ATAR above 99;
  • 22 students achieved an A+ with merit in Essential English, Biology, Research Project, Essential Mathematics, Psychology and Chemistry.

At NASC we honour, support and encourage our students to achieve their chosen study and career goals and this has been reaffirmed by such excellent results.

We would like to thank our teachers, friends, and families of NASC who aided our students on their journey.

Lastly to our alumni, we wish you all the very best success as you move beyond secondary education and onto your chosen pathways.

Anne Sim
School Principal