All staff at NASC “go above and beyond”. They are keenly professional and always have students’ best interests at heart and this can be seen in the vast array of extra curricular activities scheduled for students.

Dynamic teaching is at the heart of what we do and we tailor your study to suit your timetable, learning style and individual goals whether it’s towards further study or straight into a career.

We believe that quality teaching and building respectful relationships between teachers and students is an important factor influencing your achievement and engagement at this school.

Our teaching staff aim to know and understand you best so you can get on with learning in a safe, supportive community.

Principals and Leaders

Mary Hodson

Mary Hodson

Assistant Principal SACE/VET/Careers
Adam Sherwood

Adam Sherwood

Senior Leader FLO
Sim, Anne

Anne Sim

Vue, Clair

Clair Vue

Assistant Principal, Student Engagement/Wellbeing/H&PD
Taylor-Cox, Tanya

Tanya Taylor-Cox

Deputy Principal/EALD Maths
Holt, Viginia

Virginia Holt

Adrienne Dobak

Adrienne Dobak

EALD/Research Practices/PLP
Brady, Laura

Laura Brady

VET/Animal Studies
Sally Bain

Sally Bain

Cross Disciplinary Studies


White, Samantha

Sam White

Connor Earle

Connor Earle

Adams, Cathy

Cathy Adams

Food & Hospitality/Child Studies
Wyman, Ben

Ben Wyman

Construction/Sports Studies
Williams, Emily

Emily Williams

Willemse, John

John Willemse

Ryder, Ben

Ben Ryder

Academy of Gaming & Animation
Alyse Moore

Alyse Moore

Digital Photography/Research Project
McBride, Alan

Alan McBride

Jones, Jude

Jude Jones

Family Learning
Hughes, Martin

Martin Hughes

Howell, Renee

Renee Howell

English/Drama/Women's Studies

Ben Harker

Learning Support/ Integrated Studies/Arts
Gorringe, Adrienne

Adrienne Gorringe

Wellbeing Leader
Folly, Max

Max Folly

Film Studio/Music Technology, NASSSA CLC
Fogarty, Toby

Toby Fogarty

Academy of Gaming & Animation
Fielke, Adrian

Adrian Fielke

Information Technology
Coleman, Craig

Craig Coleman

Caddy, Mel

Mel Caddy

English/Ancient Studies/Research Project
Dani Burbrook

Dani Burbrook

Brown, Julian

Julian Brown

Physics/Mathematics/Ice Factor

Supportive Staff


Carolyn Woods

Government Services Employee

Benjamin Dening

Wellbeing Counsellor, Careers and Transition / Workplace Practices/SWIM

Tunji Akintomide

ICT Support

Sophie Oughton

SSO, Student Services NASSSA CLC
Mary Bryker

Mary Bryker

SSO, Laboratory Manager
Walker, Marie-Ann (2)

Marie-Ann Walker

Early Childhood Worker, Crèche
Verco, Nathan

Nathan Verco

SSO, Transitions Officer NASSSA Community Learning Centre
Sutherland, Laura

Laura Sutherland

SSO, Student Voice Case manager
Lisa Southon

Lisa Southon

SSO, Library Manager
Cathy Sellan

Cathy Sellan

SSO, Business Manager
John Russo

John Russo

SSO, Community Services Engagement Case Manager, NASSSA CLC
Catherine Moore

Catherine Moore

SSO, Social Media & Creative Industries
Kieran McGarrigan

Kieran McGarrigan

SSO, Therapeutic Case Manager, NASSSA CLC
Sarah McDaid

Sarah McDaid

SSO, Disability Support
Kelly Macauley

Kelly Macauley

SSO, Community Services Engagement Case Manager
Kightley, Chris

Chris Kightley

SSO, Admin PA

Trish Houchin

SSO, Student Services
Sarah Hodge

Sarah Hodge

Early Childhood Worker, Crèche
Hoare, Bridget

Bridget Hoare

SSO, Liaison Officer NASSSA Community Learning Centre
Eloise Hodby

Eloise Hodby

SSO, Reception
Halliday, Michael

Michael Halliday

SSO, ATSI Case Manager
Gauci, Anne

Anne Gauci

SSO, ICT Data, Day Map and EDSAS
Gorringe Hayley

Hayley Gorringe

SSO, Finance/Learning Support
Fraser, Ashley

Ashley Fraser

SSO, SACE Completers Case Manager
Fletcher, Sandra

Sandra Fletcher

Early Childhood Worker, Crèche
Caitlin Emslie

Caitlin Emslie

SSO, Family Learning Case Manager
Draper, Sandra

Sandra Draper

SSO, VET/FLO Clerical Officer
Clark, Brenton

Brenton Clark

GSE, Caretaker
Chester, Jarrad

Jarrad Chester

Aboriginal Community Education Officer
Burdelof, Demi

Demi Burdelof

SSO, Reception/H&PD/Student Services
Rebecca Beslagic

Rebecca Beslagic

SSO, Community Services Engagement Officer
Bennett, Gill

Gill Bennett

SSO, e-Learning Student Support/Resource Centre
Battle, Anne

Anne Battle

SSO Aboriginal Support
Barreau, Sharon

Sharon Barreau

SSO, NASSSA Community Learning Centre
Jo Augeneder

Joanne Augeneder

Early Childhood Worker, Learning Together/Crèche

Learning Together


Clare Crew

Learning Together, Teacher
Stuke, Patricia

Patricia Stuke


Caroline Rudkin

Perotti, Lorraine

Lorraine Perotti


Kerry Moar

Early Childhood Worker
McCarthy, Darelle

Darelle McCarthy

Giddens, Kerrianne

Andrea Fawcett

Early Childhood Worker

Amanda Cook

Early Childhood Worker
Buckskin, Thurza

Thurza Buckskin


Julie Bolland

Early Childhood Worker
Whiteside, Sarah

Sarah Whiteside

Learning Together

Lesley Lewis

Learning Together

Case Managers/Support Workers

Sarah Graetz

Sarah Graetz

SSO, Student Support Case Manager